Working Voices

A web and app based B2B eLearning Platform that helps corporate users learn and excel in their communication skills at their own pace.

the organization

Working Voices has been delivering training to over 100 of the world’s largest companies for the last 20 years. They train everyone from graduates to CEOs to improve their communication skills. They develop courses from psychological, sociological and physiological perspectives to achieve engagement, adoption and genuine long-term changes in behaviour.

the challenge

Users wanted a seamless single sign on access to the digital platform from office, on when they are commuting or when they are at home. The eLearning Content has to be tailor made for each persona and each person’s goal. It’s a known phenomenon about the percentage of people dropping off after signing up for a course. The digital platform has to have enough stickiness which draws people enough so that individuals are motivating to complete a course and also apply the learning in real-life-situations. Also, the user group is very wide from CEOs to Trainees – so the User Experience needs to be intuitive enough for a range of skilled users.

“Humans are social beings and communication is a commodity so valuable, we would literally be lost without it” – Nick Smallman – Founder and CEO, Working voices

Tools & Platforms
the solution

The application ecosystem consists of iPhone app, Android app and Web App with multiple roles for Trainers, Uses, HR, Management and Administrative functions – all focused around seamless data exchange. Users can leave watching a video from Web and then continue watching from their mobile when on tube. We also integrated with a multi-tenant single sign on system; so that corporate users can access the digital platform using their organisational security groups.

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