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Creating more efficient workforces by reducing manual work and automating processes

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At Icreon, we develop automation platforms that help decrease overhead and maximise profit margins. Every growing business inevitably deals with the pains of managing more employees, customers and overhead. As this growth occurs, it becomes harder to scale manual processes - one of the biggest shifts businesses have to make is to examine their mission-critical processes and figure out how best to automate them.

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The Future of Process Automation

The future of process automation is in RPA, or leveraging intelligent 'bots' to consistently remove repetitive administrative tasks from employees. Leveraging artificial intelligence such as vision, voice & semantic knowledge will enable organisations and employees to win back critical hours in their day so they can focus on the business -

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A few motifs that are critical for any business looking to intelligently automate operations


A better understanding of how technology plays a role in business success


Enabling businesses to grow through customised software and product development


Automating outdated processes & technology for operational efficiency


Engineering new ideas to stay ahead of the competition

The Major Challenge in Automation

The first challenge for business leaders facing a new age of automation is not in trying to simply cut costs, but in identifying the next big area of value creation. How can we use technology to extend the skills of humans in ways that aren’t immediately clear, but will seem obvious a decade from now?

Whoever identifies those areas of value first will have a leg up on the competition. The magnitude of the investment in automation in the coming decade is likely to be greater in scale than in previous periods because it will primarily affect the service sector, and it will spread through advanced economies as well as parts of the developing world.

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