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Developing integration solutions that better connect technologies within growing businesses

What We Do

Icreon works with marketing, sales & operations leaders to robustly interconnect digital systems. Our systems integration practice enables businesses to connect a variety of first party, third party & commercial off-the-shelf technologies together.

Furthermore, because most system integrations today happen via web-services (and are relatively manageable) - we emphasise scalable systems integration design. This means three things: how to integrate systems that don't downgrade performance or compromise on the user experience, how to integrate systems in a way that can be abstracted and the work can be reused, and how to integrate systems so that each future system takes less time and brain power than the system integrated prior to it.

The Future of Platform Integration

The future of systems integration lies in being able to utilise abstracted infrastructure so that as the next wave of platforms come along, the effort integrating into them is a cinch -

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Our principled approach to system integration lets us move at a steady or high velocity without needing to cut corners


A better understanding of how technology plays a role in business success


Enabling businesses to grow through customised software and product development


Automating outdated processes & technology for operational efficiency


Engineering new ideas to stay ahead of the competition

Icreon's Unique Approach

Most Systems Integrations teams rarely think about the long-term net goal of the system being integrated into a business. The nature of system integrations is about installing the platform while minimally configuring it to meet the licensing requirements set in place by SaaS product vendors. Icreon's approach is markedly different.

At the outset, our systems integration strategy diverges from other consulting firms. During the initial phases of any initiative, we focus on only two goals: identifying how to best fill the existing digital gap, and identifying how best to connect with the existing digital ecosystem. This ensures that the requirements of the business mould the technology decision-making process, not the other way around.

Our Experience

We've worked with businesses to integrate integral business systems for well over 20 years, reach out to discuss how we can help

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