Case Study: Grabbit

An on-demand grocery shopping and delivery app aimed at building a self-sustained community.

the organization

The venture was incubated by two corporate executives. GrabbIT has tied-up with Norwich university to pilot this idea in the city. As a social cause, the social delivery platform extends help to people with difficulties.

the challenge

The match algorithm was the most difficult puzzle in the solution. When a customer requests for shopping; the system has to match the Grabber taking into consideration proximity, ability to complete the job within a scheduled time, previous reviews, jobs already given that day and week. While direct customer to grabber matching was easy; the challenge was to keep a healthy pipeline of Grabbers and equally distributing work without compromising on the delivery quality.

With the successful delivery of the solution Icreon has helped build an innovative social delivery app that connects people within the community.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

The Grabbit iOS app acts as a virtual marketplace for people looking for things to be bought. A peer to peer solution, the app uses a matching algorithm to connect people with the closest, available shoppers, ensuring a faster delivery time. Users can easily switch roles as clients or shoppers.

The solution works on a commission model, with shoppers earning a percentage of each delivery undertaken. Extensive tracking and security mechanisms have been built to track the complete life-cycle of deliveries.

Shoppers can update and alert clients, in real-time, about the current stage of delivery, ensuring authenticity and transparency. Clients can maintain and use Grabbit wallets, easing the payment process.

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