Smile Train

A fully customized peer-to-peer fundraising platform that keeps delivering smiles around the world.

the organization

Headquartered in New York, Smile Train is a 501(c)(3) organization that strives to provide free cleft and palate repair surgery to underprivileged children around the globe. Since their inception in 1999, Smile Train has partnered with 1000+ local hospitals in more than 85 countries to train surgeons and doctors in cleft repairs. With over 128,000+ surgeries every year, the organization has proudly transformed the lives of more than one million children worldwide.

the challenge

Smile Train’s existing Donor Management solution was quickly becoming outdated, required a lot of manual processes from the internal operations team, and lacked the ability to see donor behavior holistically. The organization was looking for a scalable solution that better connected their digital ecosystem – CMS, CRM and donor-facing tools – to form a more robust fundraising platform.

What's the best way to raise awareness for a cause? A peer-to-peer fundraising platform that leverages the power of social media

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Icreon recommended using SalesForce NPSP – a SalesForce solution specifically designed for Non-Profits – as the foundation of the solution. With NPSP taking care of donor and donation basics, additional features would be developed and integrated into the system to further automate the day-to-day processes.

Additionally, the solution leverages the power of social networks by encouraging peer-to-peer fundraising. Donors can setup personalized fundraising campaigns and receive donations from their network of friends and family.

The end result was an all-encompassing solution that seamlessly integrates multiple software (Drupal and Salesforce) into a single platform to provide more transparency on donations for both internal operations teams and external facing donors.

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