IMG Models

A cohesive digital ecosystem built for one of the world's top talent management agencies

the organization

IMG models is an international leader in talent discovery and model management, globally recognized for its diverse roster. Focused on building strong personal brands outside of the traditional talent portfolio, IMG is committed to expanding the opportunities for its clientele.

With offices located in the hubs of international fashion - Paris, Milan, and New York City - IMG is an industry pioneer committed to reinventing the modeling industry worldwide.

the challenge

As IMG operates cross-departmentally, in global teams, collaborating on multiple projects in real time - the company was looking for a solution design that would satisfy the steady demand of iterations and integrations.

Furthermore, in the talent and modeling industry - the handling and showcasing of portfolio assets could make or a break the personal brand of an individual client. With thousands of high-resolution media uploaded on a daily basis by agencies and managers, the solution would need to handle massive amounts of data without sacrificing quality of assets and performance.

In a complex digital ecosystem successfully scaling a platform while simultaneously reducing operational inefficiencies is a rare accomplishment.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Working with IMG leaders to better understand the day-to-day operational activities, Icreon set out to design a solution that encompassed a variety of features and tools aimed at reducing process inefficiencies. For a more cost effective, scalable solution - Icreon put forth a recommendation to switch over to a more enterprise-friendly platform in Drupal. IMG would have the means to store, organize and manage model portfolios while creating more efficient workflows for the operations teams.

Using Microsoft Azure and Brightcove, the new platform allows for the handling of large volumes of assets without sacrificing performance across any of the global properties. With a centralized, easily accessible repository - model portfolios can be grouped into packages and links can be shared instantly with agencies and managers.

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