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As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Icreon works with businesses to augment their sales & marketing capabilities on the Salesforce Cloud.

Today, because Salesforce has become such a large platform with products & services across every aspect of most businesses, there’s a tremendous challenge in knowing which products to choose, how to integrate them into your business, and how to get the most out of them.

Our Salesforce consulting team works with businesses on identifying which parts of the Salesforce Marketing, Sales & Commerce Clouds make the most sense for them.

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For Pre-existing Salesforce Customers

Salesforce recently acquired Demandware, an Ecommerce Platform, to add to their service offering, and are integrating it as "Salesforce Commerce Cloud"

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With Salesforce, there are a variety ways to solve the same problem, here's how we approach any implementation we tackle



Identifying Sales, Marketing & Operational goals that may be a good fit


Narrowing down the numerous technologies and selecting the ones best appropriate for your organisation


Utilising SFDC's standard nomenclature to build out data models/objects that work best with standard SFDC workflows


Connecting your SFDC ecosystem to third party platforms, such as your MA, Ecom, ERP, DMP & CDP platforms


Improving on workflows by assessing the type of data and information you're gathering and how staff use it

For Diverse Ecosystems

Want to get a better handle on how to blend your investments in Salesforce with non-Salesforce tools and technologies in marketing, Ecommerce & Analytics?

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