Case Study: BT Group

Web-based appointment management system to help better manage and organise scheduling of meetings.

the organization

BT Group is among the largest telecommunications providers with operations in over 150 companies. Operating via various subsidiaries, BT offer a whole range of fixed-line, mobile, broadband, subscription television and managed IT network services to over 18 million customers in the UK and 6000+ corporates across the globe.

the challenge

Customers often request for demos to experience the various BT products and services on offer at locations around the world. With no automated system in place, checking the availability of staff and meeting rooms was proving to be a tedious task, often resulting in delays, missed opportunities and loss of customers. BT was looking to automate this process.

A reporting and analytics engine that captures and provides insights into a variety of metrics such as no-shows, appointments completed, cancelled etc allowing BT to offer better service their customers

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Icreon developed a centralised web-based appointment management system to help BT better manage and organize scheduling of demos.
With real-time visibility into space and people availability, the solution offers an efficient means of booking appointments allowing BT staff to service a greater number of customers.

Closely integrated with Office 365, the solution can be synced with users’ calendars making it easier for them to keep track of their appointments. Built to be used at BT locations across the globe, the system auto-adjusts the time-zones allowing for better scheduling.

A notification engine has been built into the system allowing for staff and customers to be reminded about upcoming appointments and alerted to any changes in the appointments resulting in reduced no-shows.

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