Magento Development

Utilising Magento to generate the most complete omni-channel experience for your customers, both on- and off-line.

Working with businesses to get the most out of the Magento Platform

what we do

Icreon leverages Magento to develop digital experience ecosystems. In most scenarios, we engage with businesses who are already on Magento, looking to maximise their investment in the platform after an initial implementation.

Our design & engineering teams work with brands to leverage the array of Magento frameworks. By combining third party data & first-party customer intelligence, we are able to create 1:1 marketing moments that deliver, convert & sell at a higher clip.

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A massive restructuring

Magento has spent years unifying disparate products that can now cohesively engage, track & enhance the customer journey

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We map our Magento process back to the network of products that Magento has created as a starting point



Using Magento to understand your audience and turn data into customer intelligence


Collecting and structuring first, second & third party data using Magento's DMP, Audience Manager

Storytell & Sell

Leveraging Magento to build an omni-channel digital marketing and sales experience


Engaging prospects and customers through email, ads & mobile


Creating contextual experiences that creating 1:1 journeys

ROI at a Premium

Leveraging Magento and all that comes with it can be complex. Working with a certified partner that can accelerate time-to-market is critical

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