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Icreon leverages Microsoft Azure to strategise and implement on large-scale application modernisation initiatives with enterprises. As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, our work in Azure enables businesses to rethink their legacy platforms, evaluate opportunities to modernise and optimise them, and ultimately move them to the cloud to enable a host of performance & scalability improvements.

More recently, we've built expertise around Azure's Artificial Intelligence and Internet-of-Things (IoT) capabilities. This means utilising Microsoft frameworks to build out applications, platforms and digital products that have a host of 'intelligent' features, from understanding natural conversational language to enable more efficient call centers to predictively forecasting a business' sales using POS data.


Azure is the fastest accelerating cloud provider. Today, more CxOs choose it to power their Digital Transformation initiatives than any other alternative -

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Taking a phase-based approach to building out effective multi-cloud & hybrid-cloud environments


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When is Azure the best fit for my organisation's product portfolio?

This answer to this is complex. It used to be that if your business was a 'Microsoft' business, (meaning that you had a number of Microsoft products such as Intune & leveraged platforms like ASP.Net) Azure was the de facto choice for your business. However, today, that may not necessarily be the case. Azure has built a whole host of multi-platform capabilities to support product, engineering & DevOps teams get to market faster.

Because of this, the opportunities to leverage Azure are a lot more wide-varying than previously possible. From leveraging multiple cloud databases to supporting a host of programming languages to enabling smoother continuous integration & delivery practices, Azure has become extremely 'tool-agnostic'. For Icreon, we tend to evaluate Azure's fit based on the business case; it's still the best fit for businesses that have more compelling B2B and B2E use-cases. In addition, we see it providing all-in support on enabling artificial intelligence at the enterprise-level.


Azure now has a number of tools that businesses can utilise around deep learning, machine learning & artificial intelligence

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