The National Geographic Channel

A powerful content management builder for a global enterprise that automatically shares and distributes content across departments for scalable website publishing

the organization

The National Geographic Channel's online portals expand across 133 countries, in 21 languages, and are viewed in more than 100 million households. The nature-oriented media giant hosts a variety of educational content that focuses on nature, the life sciences, and other biology-based subjects.

the challenge

As web, mobile and social have evolved at a lightning rate - the National Geographic Channel wanted a way to manage all of their global assets so that they could be easily distributed across continents, and for easy use of the employee-base.

Furthermore, Nat Geo wanted a way to engage with a multi-cultural audience through a variety of languages across multiple devices - from laptops to smartphones to tablets - to the dozens of web properties they own and operate.

Providing educational assets to 13 countries in 8 languages, while handling millions of pageviews is a rare sighting in the wild.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Icreon and Nat Geo worked on the concept of a "Global Repository" as the foundation piece for the platforms. The Global Repository is designed to be a centralized storage facility that would allow multiple departments across continents to share sources assets like videos, text, games and advertising material into a single, high-searchable content management system.

The CMS is deployed for multi-platform, multi-host architecture environments. An optimized search engine was built to semantically find data for easy retrieval. Because different regions have different Nat Geo sites, the CMS seamlessly integrates with multiple web application environments, from Drupal, to .NET, to PHP, so that the same media can be used across different technology stacks.

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