A robust platform that provides a unified cross-platform experience for users of the familiar entertainment company

the organization

PureHMV was launched in 2008 by the HMV Group, a leading specialist retailer of music, film and games, with the purpose of managing loyalty points gained by HMV members. PureHMV is a platform where members can redeem points to use in HMV stores, HMV’s new digital music store, and magazine subscriptions amongst other things.

the challenge

PureHMV uses loyalty management platforms in 3 regions – UK, Canada and Ireland. The UK and Canada platforms use a third-party solution for aggregating user points based on integration with POS. PureHMV was seeking an integrated web setup which would act as a "glue" between

these third-party solutions and an external interface for its members to directly redeem their points. As the requirements from multiple locations are different, PureHMV wanted to implement a web framework with a single code so that each team could have its own unique features and attributes.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

PureHMV and Icreon worked on a discovery approach to identify the “issue zones” and put together a road map for development of PureHMV’s digital identities in the UK, Canada and Ireland. PureHMV would need a single sign-on solution which would allow customer points and profiles to extend across HMV’s multiple offerings.

Using four development teams, Icreon’s architects developed the UK, Ireland, and Canada platforms - all of which have single sign-on capability. We built the entire application stack in Microsoft .NET, with every possible component talking to each other via RESTful APIs, with Microsoft SQL Server Backend.

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