Web based back-office and project management tool

the organization

Equator Design is a UK based design agency that offers services from brand conceptualisation, to packaging design, photography, artwork and printing. With all services available under one roof, Equator Design helps clients take their design to shelf. Since their inception in 1997, Equator Design has worked with a variety of clients across the globe, with several award-winning designs under their belt.



the challenge

As their business grew and offices were opened across the globe, Equator Design found that managing and tracking day-to-day business operations was proving to be cumbersome. Also, a lack of real-time visibility regarding available resources and staff, was resulting in under-utilization of resources thereby proving to be costly.  To overcome these problems, Equator Design was looking to develop a solution that would not only help them to automate and streamline their business processes but also allow their staff members to work collaboratively on projects.


Full visibility into the current state of business, across locations, providing Equator Design with better insights into their business and allows for timely decision making.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Icreon designed and developed the solution – Octopus, a web based back-office and project management tool. The solution provides Equator Design with a centralized platform to track and monitor business operations, across locations, with ease.

As a project management tool, the solution allows for projects to be scheduled and tracked with ease. Tasks and sub-tasks can be created and assigned to staff. With granular tracking of activities, time spent, expenses and resource utilization, the solution allows Equator Design to know the current state of all projects at any given time.

As a back-office tool the solution allows client and staff profiles to be stored and maintained. HR features such as holiday and leave tracking have been built into the system.

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