Acute Healthcare

An administrative console for Acute healthcare to maintain and manage patient profiles.

the organization

Acute Healthcare, a private hospital in the UK, offers world-class healthcare services.

the challenge

Patient information and their medical histories were being maintained in Excel and Word documents. Referencing them during diagnosis and treatment was proving to be a cumbersome task, prone to delays and errors. Acute Healthcare were looking to automate the process of patient record keeping in order to eliminate inefficiencies. They teamed with Icreon to find a suitable partner to carry this out.

Key features include Instant access to patient information and reports, Data Security and Scalability of the solution.

the solution

Working closely with Acute Healthcare, Icreon developed a patient records management system that helps organize and streamline the process of record keeping and information accessibility. Comprehensive medical profiles, for each patient, detailing patient information, current and past treatment and medical histories can be maintained at a centralised location. Profiles can be manged by both patients and healthcare professionals ensuring that the data is always accurate and up-to-date. With the ability to capture test readings and attach lab reports, the solution allows for complete tracking of a patients’ treatment journey. Built to be scalable, the solution can be easily ramped up be more than just a record keeping system. It can be used as an effective tool for information flow between patients and healthcare professionals ensuring better patient care.

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