It's common for organisations to use different software for different departments to complete certain tasks. But without your IT, web or software systems communicating with each other, your business will fail to work as efficiently and productively as it should.

Whether you need to integrate all systems in your current digital ecosystem, or upgrade your current platform by integrating third party tools, Icreon provides a smooth and painless integration process.

Our systems integration team ensures any data that needs to be transferred comes over accurately and without duplication, so its integrity is maintained across all systems and processes.

The Basics

  • Cost Reduction

    Building a new system to connect all current data sources can be costly and resource-intensive. Integrating your current systems accomplishes the same, without the heavy costs.

  • Efficiency

    Connecting all sources of data allows for easier information gathering and sharing, ultimately reducing time spent in various locations.

  • Collaboration

    Integrating systems reduces the time spent operating in departmental silos, allowing for easier employee sharing of information and resources

The Not So Obvious

  • Improved Visibility

    When information can be accessed instantly from anywhere, without wasting resources on tying data from different sources together, employees can make more accurate, faster decisions.

  • Better Security

    By delivering your product as an integrated system, you can build the security tools needed to keep all sources of information secure. Instead of multiple access points, Icreon creates one, centralised location for users to store information.

  • Scalability

    A strategic integration of multiple business systems is an investment for long term of your company. With all systems working together, you can easily add features and functionalities on the fly.

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