Social Networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have shown us the power of what happens when we bring people together - but social networks can reach far beyond the consumer sphere. Businesses are now utilising social media networks to bring together employees, build teams, and create virtual work environments.

The way in which we use social networks is expanding. Salesforce Chatter, Skype, Yammer - social networks are now being used to increase internal collaboration within businesses, non-profits, governments, and organisations.

At Icreon, we build social networks for businesses that foster constructive environments and optimise employee workflow – turning traditional document and media management into real-time productive collaboration.

The Basics

  • Niche Distribution

    With their ability to aggregate passionate audiences, well developed social networks are highly monetisable. Sports lovers, culinary enthusiasts, hiking clubs – a strong community of like-minded individuals is the easiest way to create valuable data for advertising-based models.

  • Multi-channeled

    Social Networks exist everywhere - from iPhones, to Laptops, to Tablets. However, social networks only have value if your users can access and utilise the features and functionalities.

  • Access-based

    Whether using social networks for business applications or consumers, different users will have different levels of authority. For example, you may have moderators who need special privileges for editing purposes, or administrators to oversee all activity.

The Not So Obvious

  • Predictive Analysis

    Bringing people together within an online community is highly valuable because it generates large amounts of data, allowing businesses to understand deeper trends within communities and provide them with the information needed to make decisions.

  • Selective Filtering

    More users means more data. At Icreon, we make the concerted effort to build algorithms that won’t overwhelm users with useless information, and instead, show them relevant streams of the most important content.

  • Gradual Engagement

    User engagement is the key to any social network. Whether you’re building an application for employees or for millions of customers, we design systems that help users gradually learn your platform.

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