Your employees use email to store documents. They collaborate with clients using third party software services. They rely heavily on Microsoft Office to produce documentation, and they back up all of their data to hard drives. The business you’re running has a problem with managing information.

A well-conceived CMS allows businesses to securely store, update, and retrieve business data from anywhere in the world. Whether you need to quickly upload products, automate content delivery or feasibly provide detailed content reports – having a CMS is essential to almost every industry today.

For anything from public-facing sites to internal, mission critical data systems, Icreon builds enterprise-grade content management systems to facilitate the publishing, editing and modification of all of your most important content.

The Basics

  • Information Tagging

    Having users access the backend of multiple websites across multiple locations can easily disorganise data. Icreon’s tagging functionalities enable documents and files to be tagged appropriately for easy retrieval across your entire organisation.

  • Document Storage

    Videos, files, photos, documents, audio - we build CMS platforms that support all media critical to your business, in a centralized location.

  • Version control

    With the amount of users that have access, and the changes they make throughout the day - a CMS should have the ability to go back through files to see changes that were made, at what time. Versioning enables you to see the history of every document.

The Not So Obvious

  • Multi-domain setups

    Whether you’re running a media website, an intranet, or an e-commerce store - do you need your assets to scale across different domains?

  • Dynamic Content Layouts

    Today, content has different importance depending on who’s viewing it, from what locations, when they’re viewing it. We deliver dynamically generated layouts so viewers will always see the most relevant content for them.

  • Mobile-first

    Responsive web design helps to make sure your website works across all devices. However, being able to dynamically serve smaller images and compress files so that information is easy to retrieve through mobile is where the real value of RWD comes in.

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