Reduced screening needs for companies and individuals as verified profiles can be shared with multiple companies.

the organization

uScreen’d, an entrepreneurial venture, offers background screening services within the UK.

the challenge

Looking to ease the process of background screenings and to bring transparency into the process, our client was looking to build a platform that would allow companies  and individuals to request screenings and track progress.

With the successful delivery of the solution Icreon has provided the client with a simple and easy to manage platform to offer background screening services. Being web based, the solution has helped the client service a greater number of clients across UK.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Icreon built the uScreen’d web platform that provides companies and individuals with a faster and cost effective way to perform background checks.

Individuals can maintain exhaustive professional profiles and get themselves pre-screened. Upon verifications, individuals can share their profiles directly with interested companies, ensuring faster turnaround in the hiring/joining process.

With the platform companies gain access to the pool of pre-screened candidates, saving them time in filling open positions. Companies can also request other candidates to be screened and track the screening progress.

Utmost care has been taken to ensure security of the data. In addition to a password/security-pin combination to access the platform, access to screened profiles are time-bound and only granted upon approval from the candidates, ensuring that the information is not misused.

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