IPE Quest

A web-based administration console that allows IPE Quest staff to track activity on the platform, ensuring smooth functioning

the organization

IPE Quest is a subsidiary of IPE International Publishers Ltd., a leading publication for institutional investors in UK and Europe. Established in 1996, IPE provides information, latest news and reports on pension funds.

the challenge

With more than 23 million active pension accounts in UK, institutional asset owners have access to huge pension funds that need investing. Finding the right fund manager is at times a daunting task. Looking to ease this process, IPE Quest wanted to build a platform that would connect asset owners with fund managers and facilitate communication between them.

Increased Process Efficiency for asset owners to find suitable fund managers

Tools & Platforms
the solution

The IPE Quest web-based platform provides tools and apps to help asset owners in doing their due diligence before zeroing in on a fund manager. With the ability to create custom questionnaires or use sample ones from the library, the solution allows asset managers to seek answers from fund managers before making a selection.

Fund managers can browse through asset owner requests and study the details before opting to respond. Responses are collated and shared with asset owners.

To ensure authenticity in the dealings, a verification process has been built into the solution. Requests posted by asset owners are made available to fund manager only after being vetted. Similarly, manager responses are verified before being shared with the asset owners. This helps do away with fraudulent transactions being done on the platform.

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