Multi-platform applications for Compliance Monitoring

the organization

Blue Sky Building is a construction management company based out of the UK. Incorporated in 2012, BSB has in a short time established itself as a force to reckon within the construction industry.

the challenge

Maintaining health and safety standards at construction sites is of prime importance. To ensure compliance, workers are required to sign multiple permits which in turn need to be verified by construction managers, on a daily basis, before work is commenced. The process of filling, signing and verifying these permits and forms was a manual one at BSB resulting in huge amounts of time and effort being wasted in performing compliance activities. BSB were looking to automate this process and improve operational efficiency.

Reporting engine for managers and other stakeholders to track and gain better insights into compliance and its adherence at various construction sites

the solution

Working closely with BSB to better understand the day-to-day administrative activities of construction managers, Icreon has developed a compliance monitoring and tracking tool that helps ease administrative tasks and overheads by automating various processed.
The solution includes tablet apps - iOS, Android and Windows Surface - for workers to fill-out requisite permits and for construction managers to track compliance. The use of tablet apps ensure greater adoption and adherence by workers. Keeping in mind the possibility of intermittent Internet access at construction sites, the apps are made available in both online and offline modes, with data being auto-synced when the apps go online.

In addition to compliance monitoring, the solution also includes features to assist construction managers in their daily work, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

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