Acision is a market leader in innovative mobile engagement services, providing next-generation rich communication that efficiently connects businesses with their customers in real time. Acision's enterprise-driven, multi-platform solutions enable service providers and businesses to increase engagement, interaction and overall reach with customers.

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The Challenge

Acision saw a gap in business communication in the reliance on traditional 0800 numbers, which had proven sluggish for resolving support calls. Acision came to Icreon with the goal of building a mobile platform that would allow businesses to send time-critical, confidential and

secure messages to their customers, partners and staff across all devices. Moreover, Acision wanted in-app video calls that would enhance user experiences and provide employees the opportunity for easy up-sell. To better equip support teams, the app would need to be integrated with the existing Salesforce platform.

The Analysis

Rather than working with siloed technology served by multiple service providers, the platform needed to leverage a comprehensive set of communication solutions if it was to power enterprises. Icreon needed to build an application that would allow companies to launch services

quickly, providing customer service agents with all the tools needed for real time communication. In order to provide features such as CRM updates, real time viewing statistics, and customer history, the app also needed to be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.

Using Acision’s WebRTC technology, Icreon bridged the platform and the existing Salesforce CRM so that customer service agents could assist via video chat from their mobile devices. Customer service agents who are logged in to the CRM can see what the customer is viewing in real
time, their purchase history, all while conversing with them. Leveraging the WebRTC technology, the platform provides easy-to-deploy APIs and SDKs to make transitions and upgrades more feasible. With OAUTH2 authentication, the app is easily deployable across all cloud platforms.
  • C#
  • iOS Applications
  • Android
  • Salesforce
Key Features
  • IP Messaging

    The IP Messaging for users on Smartphones provides a rich, cost-effective communication channel for businesses equipped with an SMS fall-back feature.

  • Voice and video Chat

    The video chat feature enables companies to connect with users in different ways, giving customers an engaging experience with just the touch of a button.

  • Flexible Deployment

    With an easy to deploy API, forge by Acision is easy to set up for any business, and can operate on any cloud environment.

  • Mobile customisation

    The mobile application can be customised by colour and communication features to fit better to the needs of your customer service agents, improving overall communications.