Who is Icreon

A Digital Innovation Agency
helping businesses achieve
exponential growth &
operational efficiency

Icreon is a Digital Innovation Agency

We work with Businesses to strategise and implement digital initiatives that achieve lasting financial success. We manifest this mission through 2 focuses - helping clients achieve exponential growth & operational efficiency. We strongly believe that a company's success and longevity are directly proportional to its ability to innovate.

To conjure new ideas, engineer new systems, and create new products - innovation is the only true competitive advantage in business. A rare cross-section of "thinkers" and "doers", our team combines the highest level of strategic leadership with advanced execution.


Digital Innovation comes in many forms.
See where our expertise lies

Data & Analytics

Generating better insights from your business systems and applications.

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Technology Audit

A better understanding of how digital plays a role in future ideal business state.

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Product Development

Enabling new business models through customised software

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Artificial Intelligence

Roadmapping practical Artificial Intelligence uses for businesses

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We work across a number of different verticals, specialised domain needs, and niche markets

  • Entertainment
  • Telecom
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Advertising
  • Legal
  • Travel
problem solved

A suite of apps – mobile (iOS and Android) and Chromecast – that provide viewers with instant access to the ShortsTV movie catalogue

Centralised web-based appointment management system to help BT better manage and organize scheduling of demos

Ability to track real time progress made on severe acute malnutrition across 75 countries at National / District / Sub-District level.

A multi-domain enterprise-grade CMS for students, employers and staff to share & access knowledge

Modernising outdated systems for operational efficiency within H&K's manufacturing operations

Ability to publish Adstream Platform Library content to YouTube and to unpublish the content as defined based on usage rights or expiry dates

A web-based workflow management application that facilitates corporate clients process their employee Visa and Immigration information

A centralised system to manage business operations primarily to facilitate optimal booking and inventory management.

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